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Dictionary Out Of Step

If the XML report on the Dictionary does not give the results as expected then potentially the dictionary may be out of step with the Master dictionary. However, if the numbers returned by the report are greater than those expected then this does not necessarily indicate an issue. If any of the numbers reported  are lower than those expected then this will indicate a problem which will need to be resolved. Please put a post on the Forum with the numbers from the reports and we will advise on the best course of action.

If it appears that the dictionary is substantially out of step then the only known reason for this is an issue which occurred back in 2010, when it was discovered that running multiple updates together meant that only the first update was processed. This was fixed in November 2011 with a new update program.  We are not aware of issues since then.

The solution is to provide a special set of updates to bring the dictionary into line with the Master. In order to provide this update you will need to provide a  copy of your database. This can be a backup, or a copy of the actual database taken after a detach.  This can be provided on a DVD, memory stick, via Dropbox or similar . All SQL versions can be accepted. There is no need to stop using Recorder.  After checking you will provide a special dictionary update which will bring your dictionary into line with the Master. Please email me mike@Lfield.co.uk if you would like to use this service and advise the version of SQL you are using. Only the dictionary tables will be accessed  and the database will  be deleted once the work is complete.

There is a charge for this service of £40.00, but there will be an additional administrative charge of £20.00  if  there is a need to complete confidentiality agreements or similar.