Samples in Polygons

The SamplesinPolygon type allows the users to select a polygon from a list or to find a polygon on the map. Polygons can also be drawn on the map while the XML report is being executed and these can be used. For a polygon selected a clause in the format WHERE field IN('key1','key2','key3') is created. The keys in this case are the Sample keys. 

   <?xml version='1.0' ?>

 <!--  Example Report
     XML Report by Mike Weideli of Littlefield Consultancy

     Version 1 14 May  2008 
<CustomReport  title="Ex1 ExampleReport"  menupath="Example reports" 
description="Samples in polygon" >
    SELECT Sample_Key   FROM  Sample 
    <Where keytype="Default">

<Condition field= "Sample_key" operator="equal"  type="SamplesinPolygon"  name="Select Polygon" includepartialoverlap='yes'/>

entrycount and operator

Entry count is not applicable in this  case. Operator can only be equal.


Possible values are 'yes' and 'no'. If 'yes' then an OSGB grid square is included in the results if the grid square of the Sample  is inside or overlapping the polygon. If 'no' then the grid square of the Sample  must be inside the polygon.

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