Grouping Conditions - selectoneofgroup attribute

This can be used with any condition types to link together Conditions so that the user can choose just one of them to use. The following example illustrates the use of selectoneofgroup to allow the user to choose between includepartialoverlap="yes" and includepartialoverlap="no"

 <?xml version='1.0' ?>

 <!--  Example Report
     XML Report by Mike Weideli of Littlefield Consultancy

     Version 1 14 May  2008 
<CustomReport  title="Ex1 ExampleReport"  menupath="Example reports" 
description="Locations in polygon" >
    SELECT Location_Key   FROM  Location 
    <Where keytype="Default">

<Condition field= "Location_key"operator="equal" type="LocationsinPolygon"  name="Select Polygon (partial overlap) " includepartialoverlap='yes' useoneofgroup="Overlap Method" />

<Condition field= "Location_key"operator="equal" type="LocationsinPolygon"  name="Select Polygon (no overlap) " includepartialoverlap='no' useoneofgroup="Overlap Method"/>


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