Use this for Text fields. User is prompted to enter text.  

<?xml version='1.0' ?>

 <!-- Example Report
     XML Report by Mike Weideli of Littlefield Consultancy 

     Version 1 14 May 2008  
<CustomReport title="ExampleReport"  menupath="Example reports" 
description="A simple report " >
    SELECT * FROM  individual 
    <Where keytype="Default">
<Condition field="Surname" operator="equal" type="Text" name="Surname" , entrycount="1" />


 In the above example the user will be prompted to enter text. All entries which match based on the operator will be returned.

Using the Like operator

With the text field the 'like' operator can be used. This runs with a wildcard added to the end (ie. entering wilk as a parameter in the above example will return every surname starting with wilk). The user can add a wildcard elsewhere in the text (ie. in the example entering *son will return all names with son anywhere in the surname).

Using the entrycount attribute

If 1 (the default) then only a single instance of the parameter entry control is available. If greater than 1 the control is repeated the number of times specified. The user has to make an entry in all of them for the report to run. If -1 then the user can add as few (minimum 1) or as many entries as they wish. If the value of the entrycount attribute is not equal to 1 then the only valid operator is "equal".  


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