Choose Option (OptionSet)

OptionSet is a special type which allows the display of a number of options from which the user can choose.just one. 

  <?xml version='1.0' ?>

 <!--  Example Report
     XML Report by Mike Weideli of Littlefield Consultancy

     Version 1 14 May  2008 
<CustomReport  title="Ex1 ExampleReport"  menupath="Example reports" 
description="OptionSet" >
    SELECT taxon_Occurrence_Key   FROM  Taxon_Occurrence
    <Where keytype="Default">

          <Condition field= "Taxon_Occurrence.Verified" operator="not equal" type="OptionSet"  name="Failed/Pending    verification" >
        <Option name="Include" value = "3" />
        <Option name="Exclude" value = "1" />


The OptionSet tag had two attributes. The name attribute is the parameter name displayed to the user. The value attribute is the value which will actually be used in the query. This tag is most useful where a field has a limited number of possible values and it therefore most often used for numeric fields. It can be used for text fields and in these cases the values should be enclosed in single quotes (eg. value="'Test'").




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