Bounding Box

The BoundingBox type allows user to enter the SW and NE spatial reference or to draw a box on the map and use that. Co-ordinates may be entered as grid references or Lat/Long, but the system works in Lat/Long. This means that records close to the boundary of the box may not be selected correctly.

<?xml version='1.0' ?>

 <!--  Example Report
     XML Report by Mike Weideli of Littlefield Consultancy

     Version 1 14 May  2008 
<CustomReport  title="Ex1 ExampleReport"  menupath="LC\Example reports" 
description="Bounding box" >
    SELECT sample_key   FROM  sample
    <Where keytype="Default">

         <Condition field= "sample." operator="equal" type="BoundingBox"  name="BoundingBox" />



Operator is limited to equal and not equal.

Using the entrycount attribute

If 1 (the default)  then only a single instance of the parameter entry control is available. If  greater than 1 the control is repeated the number of times specified. The user has to make an entry in all of them for the report to run. If  it is -1 then the user can add as few  as( minimum 1) or as many entries as they wish. If the value is not equal to 1 then the only valid operator is "equal"  .


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