Recorder 6 - Consortium

The JNCC Recorder 6 website   is the official site for Recorder 6 users, and the primary source for upgrades to the application and dictionary.  This site has been set up by the Recorder 6 Consortium (2016) to provide  additional information for Recorder 6 users, including more specific information on the installation of  the application. The site and the information it contains has been provided free by members of the Consortium and  was not provided as part of the JNCC contract.  

The Recorder 6 Consortium (2016) is contracted by JNCC to provide support for Recorder 6 . This included support through the Recorder 6 forum (part of the NBN forum) and management of  the development of the application under JNCC direction. Consortium members are Mike Weideli, Sally Rankin and  John van Breda.  

Sally Rankin ( and Mike Weideli (  , as well as being members of the Consortium, are also, in their own right,  JNCC Recorder 6 Experts (resellers) and as such can provide the Recorder 6 software and additional services. John van Breda, although not a reseller is an expert on Recorder 6 and other biological recording software. John provides a  range of IT Services through his consultancy .

For free  support  use the Recorder 6 forum  Direct request to members of the Consortium for support  will be chargeable.

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